• We are information designers

  • We are information designers

  • We are information designers


We work with scientists and professionals to turn complex information into meaningful narratives, beautiful visions and understandable messages.


We run hands-on workshops for organisations who work in an environment that requires presenting information in effective and creative ways.


We share our practice in the field of information design and data visualisation in order to build a cross-disciplinary community.

  • “Angela Morelli is an exceptional communicator. Her use of words and graphics expertly engages our emotions in readiness for the message.”

    – Prof Tony Allan, Stockholm Water Prize
  • “Thank you for inspiring me and for pointing out those keys needed not only in science communication but in every day life.”

    – Miroslav Valan, Researcher in Bioinformatics and Genetics
  • “The Adopted User exercise was revolutionary for me. It brought to my life a new exciting perspective.”

    – Amanda Tattini, Project Manager
  • “The Information Visualisation course at Central St Martins has been an inspiring journey into the amazing world of visual storytelling.”

    – Pedro Vaz, Graphics Animator
  • “The course made me rethink my diagrams so that the general audience, during my oral defense, could grasp the gist of my study.”

    – Nikki Dagamac, Researcher